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A panoramic story that transcends time and space, Magenta Zephyr and the Universe Bender is a fun-filled celebration of life that will expand your perspective on your own unique place in the universe. Join mystical musical superstar Magenta Zephyr and her eccentric band of family and friends on their Interplanetary Invasion Tour as they embark on a journey that will take them to the farthest reaches of the universe.
When Magenta Zephyr and her entourage find themselves in desperate circumstances at the far reaches of the universe, only a miracle can get them out of their predicament, but then miracles are what Magenta Zephyr is all about.
The Revolutionary NEW NOVEL by Tim Storm!
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High adventure brimming with intrigue and suspense is in store as Magenta and her band rise to unprecedented fame while being pursued by zealous fanatics and nefarious foes who hope to uncover the secrets of her remarkable paranormal powers and gain possession of her brother Michael's mysterious invention, The Universe Bender, a machine that has the potential to harness the infinite power that makes up the very essence of the universe.